Introducing the RAMVAC Tempest: The Perfect Storm

Tempest, Vacuum Truck, Air Mover, Air Loader

Sewer Equipment and RAMVAC are proud to announce the newest addition to its stellar line-up: the Tempest Industrial Vacuum Truck. Utilizing innovative and proven vacuum technology, the Tempest Vacuum Machine is capable of removing dry and liquid materials over a long distance and from great depths. The debris box is 18 cubic yards, providing operators with the power and storage to get a job done quickly and efficiently.


RAMVAC’s Tempest Industrial Air Machine offers you the features you expect of a state-of-the-art piece of machinery from Sewer Equipment.


Tempest Features


Powerful Vacuum System

The Tempest is equipped with a 28″ Hg 5500 CFM positive displacement blower operating through an 8″ system. In addition to being powerful, the system also offers decreased noise emissions, adding additional safety for its operators.


Easy Unloading

When unloading the Tempest air machine, you only need to dump it once to empty the large debris box. The rear door fully opens and the box empties at a 50° dump angle and has a 50″ clearance from the splash plate to the ground. This combination of features allows the operator to effectively empty the unit into roll-off containers or other dumping locations.



Automatic Filter System

As mentioned above, the Tempest air mover comes with an 18 cubic yard debris box, along with a self-discharging, automatic filter system. The special filter housing incorporated in the tank guarantees perfect suction efficiency and extends the working life of the filter bags, while the cover with hydraulic opening and closing simplifies maintenance. The exclusive automatic system for discharging the dust from the filter housing into the tank maintains a continuous dust flow without having to interrupt suction. This allows the Tempest Vacuum Loader to provide automatic interval cleaning of the filter house during operation, lowering the amount of downtime associated with premature cleaning of the bag house before the debris box is full. This is an exclusive feature found only on the Tempest.


Exclusive Knuckle Boom

Another feature exclusive to the Tempest is the hydraulically-powered articulating extendable Knuckle Boom. The Knuckle Boom offers the operator 4.5′ of extension, providing them with a total of 16′ of working length. The boom also has a 270° range of motion, allowing the air loader’s operator more freedom to move, getting all the spots that are needed. The boom hinges back and forth, providing maximum support of the vacuum tube for increased operator ergonomics as well as cleaning efficiency.


If you use the Tempest’s Knuckle Boom in conjunction with the Trident Wireless Remote, you can easily and safely operate the boom from a distance. The operator will avoid being put into dangerous situations or needing another person to complete air loader applications.

Tempest, Air Loader, Knuckle Boom, Retractable Boom, Vacuum Truck, Airvac, Air Vacuum,
Tempest’s Knuckle Boom offers flexibility and range unmatched by competitors.

Fields of Application


  • Cement Plants
  • Steel Mills
  • Power Generation Stations
  • Foundries
  • Oil Refineries
  • Chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Aluminum Industries
  • Glass Production Plants
  • Waste-To-Energy Plant
  • Processing Industries
  • Metal Processing Centers
  • Paper Mills
  • Road Maintenance
  • Shipyards
  • Grain Elevators
  • Waste and Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Dump


The Tempest is the Perfect Storm

Put the power of the Tempest to work for you. RAMVAC equipment has a reputation for reliability, efficiency, and effectiveness. The Tempest Industrial Vacuum Truck will let you get the job done time and again.


Contact Sewer Equipment to learn more about The Tempest from RAMVAC.