Sewer Equipment Partners with Aarcomm on Trident Remote System


Trident Wireless Remote System by Aarcom

Pictured: Trident Wireless Remote System by Aarcomm

DIXON, IL – Sewer Equipment, an industry leader in the sewer cleaning and vacuum excavation equipment manufacturing market for the past 75 years, announced its strategic partnership with Aarcomm Systems Inc. to begin using its Trident wireless transceiver system. 

Sewer Equipment began looking for a new remote manufacturer over a year ago when the need for a more robust, weather-rated remote became evident. In comparison to the other eight transceiver manufacturers that were evaluated, only the TRIDENT remote control passed invasive testing, including water ingress testing, line of sight range testing, obstructed view range testing and overall testing on functionality and programmability.

Who is Aarcomm?

With over 3 decades of experience, the team at Aarcomm brings unparalleled knowledge and commitment to providing innovative and reliable industrial wireless remote controls. The TRIDENT system by Aarcomm was developed with important feedback from operators as well as equipment manufacturers in mind. This partnership with Aarcomm gives Sewer Equipment preferred access to all software and hardware updates, making the most current technology available to every customer. Both Sewer Equipment and Aarcomm are passionate about creating innovative products and believe in long-lasting relationships with customers and partners. These shared key principles fostered this new partnership and continue to guide business for Sewer Equipment and Aarcomm.

Best of Both Worlds

“…customers can benefit from having the best solution and best service in the industry.”

Jeffrey Yee, President of Aarcomm Systems

“At a time when the sewer cleaning and hydro excavation markets are very competitive, it is vital to source high-quality machine components,” said John Wichmann, Vice President of Operations at Sewer Equipment. “We have continued to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace by providing high quality, long-lasting, durable machines and forming partnerships with growing, successful companies like Aarcomm will only continue to help us drive quality improvement and customer satisfaction.”

“As an innovative industrial wireless company, we are very excited to be partners with Sewer Equipment,” said Jeffrey Yee, President of Aarcomm Systems. “Our remote control products are designed for harsh environments and together with Sewer Equipment’s commitment to product quality and world-class customer support through their extensive field service network, customers can benefit from having the best solution and best service in the industry.”

The Trident system is now being implemented in all Sewer Equipment brand machines that call for the use of a wireless remote, including Sewer Equipment CO. of America, Mongoose Jetters and Ramvac. For more information, please contact Sewer Equipment at 800-323-1604.

About Sewer Equipment

Founded in 1941 and located in Dixon, IL, Sewer Equipment manufacturers the widest range of sewer cleaning and hydro excavation equipment in the marketplace under its Ramvac, Moongoose Jetters and Sewer Equipment Co. of America brands. The sewer cleaning and hydro excavation markets are ever-evolving and require manufacturers to be forward-thinking and innovative, which we strive to be at Sewer Equipment. Providing our customers with “The Best Product. Best Local Support” is how we do business and stand behind our commitment to providing equipment with the best fit and finish in the industry. For more information about Sewer Equipment and all our brands, please visit

About Aarcomm

Aarcomm Systems Inc., located in British Columbia, Canada, is an organization focused on advancing remote control technologies. Founded by a team of wireless technology pioneers, who have been actively working in the field of industrial remote controls for over 3 decades,  Aarcomm has developed a suite of high-performing, intelligent wireless industrial remote control products. In addition to its engineering excellence, Aarcomm sets a new standard in the industry for top-notch service, speedy product delivery, and exceptional after-sales support. More information about Aarcomm can be found at  

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