Keeping Employees Safe Due To Covid

Sewer Equipment, an industry leader in the sewer cleaning and vacuum equipment manufacturing market for over 75 years, remains open for business during the COVID-19 pandemic. While remaining open, this equipment company provides jobs to over 200 people in the local community of Dixon, IL. In light of COVID, the company’s daily operating procedures and regulations have drastically changed to ensure the health and safety of its workforce.

A Brief History

Sewer Equipment joined the Dixon community in late 2012. This company supplies necessary equipment to municipalities and contractors that help sustain vital underground infrastructure. Furthermore, this is not just local business, but we provide sustainable underground systems worldwide as well. At a time that is especially crucial to keeping sewer lines well-maintained, Sewer Equipment and its employees have been deemed essential. Therefore, we maintain normal work patterns during the global coronavirus outbreak. As a result, Sewer Equipment has deployed a number of strategies, practices and guidelines to provide a safe working environment for all employees.

Sewer Equipment Employee Wearing Facemask
Employees at Sewer Equipment are taking the extra steps to maintain personal safety with continued efforts to support other essential industries.

Covid Safety Practices:

Because of the current pandemic, every morning, all employees have temperatures taken before starting work. In addition, they are asked a series of questions to determine each employee’s personal exposure level. To begin work every day, employees must have a temperature below 100.4, either personally or within their home. Also, all employees must be symptom free for 24 hours, or fever free for 72 hours in order to come to work. If employees are not symptom free, they must take a COVID test before returning back to work. If these guidelines are not met, they are sent home. Due to these restrictions, Sewer Equipment is abiding by all federal and state mandates. We are extending FMLA and FFCRA for all employees who qualify for these benefits. Ultimately, we want to help our employees during this difficult time.

Other Safety Practices

Outside vendor visits to the facility have been extremely limited, but are necessary in some cases to stock various parts required to manufacture equipment. Before being allowed to enter the facility, the person must follow the same protocol as all employees, including temperature checks. A check-in sheet with all visitors is kept for future record. All outside sales staff for Sewer Equipment have been asked to refrain from visiting the facility until further notice. Because of their past travel and places of residence throughout the country, they are at a higher risk of exposure to the virus.

Essentially, the practice of social distancing is strongly enforced. For instance, the break room and lunchroom areas have been divided up into several locations. And, additional times have been added to limit the congregation of people in one area, at one time. At Sewer Equipment, we have taken all precautions to ensure employee safety.

Facility Sanitation Efforts During Covid:

Twenty-five additional hand sanitizer dispensers have been added throughout the facility near all entries and exits. Sewer Equipment has enacted an open-door policy. This means door stoppers are being utilized to prop open all interior doors in order to limit the number of touch points throughout the facility. Sewer Equipment’s Maintenance Supervisor arrives on-site, prior to the start of 1st shift, and uses a sprayer with Vital Oxide. In fact, this is an EPA registered disinfectant which sprays all work surfaces within the production facility, including all tools, workstations and touch points. Additional cleaning services have been added after hours to increase sanitizing efforts within the office facility as well. Gloves are being provided to employees who choose to take extra precaution and the use of personal masks is encouraged.

As our company continues to maintain high business levels, the safety and health of its employees is of the utmost importance. As most people are, Sewer Equipment monitors the situation daily and develops and implements new strategies to combat the spread of COVID-19. We want the facility and the local community to keep safe during this time.

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