Sewer Equipment Introduces the Model 900 ECO Combo Truck


Model 900 ECODIXON, IL – Sewer Equipment, an industry leader in the sewer cleaning and hydro excavation equipment manufacturing market for the past 75 years, is proud to announce the launch of the Sewer Equipment Co. of America Model 900 ECO Combination Sewer Cleaner. This launch comes with years of planning and experience and is unlike any Combination Sewer Cleaner on the market today.

Simplicity comes standard, utilizing proven technologies and offering a variety of options. The newly introduced Model 900 ECO is the perfect fit for every customer and every application. This unit is available in 9, 12 or 15-yard debris capacities, equipped with trademarked Duraprolene water tanks carrying 900 to 2000 gallons of on-board water, and up to 90 cubic feet of tool storage. The exclusive “Hydro Drive” powertrain system, eliminates the need for a transfer case and allows any operator the ability to enter the worksite, put the truck in neutral, apply the parking brake and exit the cab…that’s it.  With power-driven directly from the chassis engine, the operator can flip the “Work Mode” switch and they are ready to work.

Both single piston and tri-plex pump options are available at 55-80 GPM @ 2000-3000 PSI and 4400 CFM blower and 18″ Hg, built on an ECO-friendly platform, which provides greater fuel efficiency and offers noise reduction for increase safety of your operators. Regardless of why an operator is choosing a truck based on productivity, reliability, safety, overall value, ease of operation, ease of maintenance or any combination of these traits, the choice is simple: the Model 900 ECO.

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