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Sewer Equipment Continues to Innovate: Introduces Two New Products to the Market


GENESIS Water RecyclerDIXON, IL – Sewer Equipment, a leading manufacturer of high-quality sewer cleaning and vacuum excavation equipment with over 75 years of experience, announced the addition of two new products to its current line of products. The GENESIS Water Recycling Sewer Cleaner and the Model 400 ECO Mini Combination Sewer Cleaner were debuted at the WWETT Show – Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport – on February 21, 2019.

Model 400 Mini Combination Sewer CleanerSewer Equipment, the manufacturer of recognized brands such as Sewer Equipment CO. of America, RAMVAC Vacuum Excavators, and Mongoose Jetters, is known for its ability to positively disrupt the marketplace with the introduction of innovative technology. Sewer Equipment’s vision is to make equipment for the customer, not follow the competition. The launch of its popular Model 900 ECO Combination Sewer Cleaner in 2016 is a sure example. This combination truck is most popular for its patented “Hydro Drive” powertrain system, which eliminates the need for a transfer case making it the safest combo truck available on the market today. It also eliminates integration between chassis and module, removing the need for complicated CAN Bus communications.

The truck utilizes 12-volt electrical wiring and manual hydraulic controls making it easy to maintain, while the two-step cab engagement and simplistic operator interface using basic switches make it easy to operate. At Sewer Equipment, simple is the key and continued innovation is the plan.

New Products, New Brand

Cappellotto by Sewer Equipment LogoThe launch of these new products also comes with the launch of a new brand, Cappellotto by Sewer Equipment. Sewer Equipment’s partnership with Italian manufacturer, Cappellotto, was an obvious next step when entering the recycler market. Cappellotto has been utilizing proven recycling technology for over 50 years, which is far superior to the current U.S. offerings. Typical American equipment makers choose to modify existing combination sewer cleaning products with bolt-on recycling equipment as an after-thought. Cappellotto by Sewer Equipment does it differently. The GENESIS is a purpose-built recycling truck that is without peer in the marketplace.

GENESIS Water Recycling Sewer Cleaner

The GENESIS Water Recycling Sewer Cleaner from Cappellotto by Sewer Equipment employs a passive separation approach, which includes a true 5-Stage separation process utilizing simple gravity which separates water from sludge by means of simple gravity, sedimentation. By avoiding a mechanical filtration approach used by competitors, the GENESIS is able to work effectively and efficiently in grease and lines containing water with any size impurities, as there are no filters to become clogged. It will keep working when the competition has to quit.

Specifications include a 13-yard stainless steel debris tank; 1,500-gallon stainless steel water tank; 90 GPM at 2,500 PSI water pump designed specifically for recycled water; positive displacement blower with 3,000 CFM at 27” Hg with 6” system; and 800 feet of 1” sewer hose.

Proven, Innovative Technology

The exclusive Smart Boom places both jet hose and vacuum tube exactly where operators need them, greatly easing setup and eliminating the need for a top roller in many applications. With a boom reach that is adjustable from 15 to 21 feet from the center of the truck, perhaps the most noteworthy feature of the Smart Boom assembly is the 65 feet of vacuum tube that it contains, allowing operators to vacuum 30 to 37 feet below grade without adding additional tubes. The tube is deployed and retrieved from the rotating spool on the top of the truck with the touch of a lever on the wireless remote.

The launch of the GENESIS was a way of bringing proven, innovative technology to a mature market, the Model 400 ECO was the creation of a new market. A jet vac truck that utilizes a 19,500 GVWR chassis, therefore, requiring no CDL, while also offering the ability to enter a standard 8-foot parking structure. This powerful combination truck with a compact footprint is the only of its kind in the market today. This cost-effective truck is great as an emergency response vehicle for large contractors and municipalities, but also a perfect fit for small to mid-size contractors and municipalities that are looking to add a vacuum component to their jetting operations.

Model 400 ECO Mini Combination Sewer Cleaner

The Model 400 ECO Mini Combination Sewer Cleaner from Sewer Equipment CO. of America by Sewer Equipment touts all-stainless-steel construction for long-lasting durability including its 4-yard debris tank, water tank with up to 600-gallon capacity, hose reel with 400 feet of ½” sewer hose and full shroud. This machine offers a UDOR 18 GPM at 4,000 PSI water pump and Hibon positive displacement blower at 28” Hg with 4” system. The Model 400 ECO combines the power of a standard combination truck with unprecedented maneuverability not available on the market today. The Model 400 ECO is the right size and right fit for jet vac application.

About Sewer Equipment

Sewer Equipment is the corporate home of Sewer Equipment CO. of America, RAMVAC Vacuum Excavators, Mongoose Jetters and Cappellotto by Sewer Equipment. With over 75 years of experience, Sewer Equipment brands represent the industry’s highest quality sewer cleaning and vacuum excavation equipment, serving contractor and municipal markets all over the world. Sewer Equipment lines include high pressure, high volume truck and trailer-mounted sewer jetters, combination sewer cleaners, water recycling sewer cleaners, truck and trailer-mounted hydro excavators, air excavators, catch basin cleaners, rodders, bucket machines, and easement machines. Sewer Equipment continues to drive toward innovation and quality, standing by its company commitment to provide “Best Products. Best Local Support”.

For more information on Sewer Equipment, its brands or products, please visit or call 800-323-1604.


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