Sewer Equipment News

Trenchless Technology 8/26/2020 – “C.P. Systems Quick to See the Benefits of Vacuum Excavation”

PRESS RELEASE 6/1/2020 – “Sewer Equipment Announces New Dealer in Virginia – MSC Equipment INC”

MS&W Magazine 04/09/20 – “A Jet/Vac Truck with a Smaller Footprint and No CDL Required: The Model 400 ECO”

Cleaner 04/01/2020 – “Combo Truck Recyclers: Purpose Built vs. Bolt-On Accessory”

MS&W Magazine 03/23/2020 – “Dedicated Hydroexcavator Usage is on the Rise for Municipalities”

PRESS RELEASE 3/16/2020 – “Sewer Equipment Announces New Dealer in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky – Brown Equipment Company”

DigDifferent 03/11/20 – “Rock Equipment Sales & Rentals: Equipment Available for Immediate Delivery”

DigDifferent 03/20/20 – “Truck So Cheap it Seems Too Good to be True? It Probably Is.”

Cleaner 03/05/20 – “A Purpose-Built Combo Truck Recycler”

DigDifferent 03/04/20 – “Locating: Vacuum Excavation vs Ground Penetrating Radar and Electromagnetic Location

DigDifferent 03/03/20 – “Hey, Nice Jetter: The New Tool in Utility Locating

DigDifferent 02/12/20 – “Hydro vs. Air Excavation: The Perfect Machine for Your Application”

DigDifferent 02/11/20 – “New Vacuum Technology: RAMVAC Tempest Industrial Vacuum Truck”

Government Fleet Magazine 04/09/19 – “Sewer Equipment Launches Mini Sewer Cleaner”

Government Fleet Magazine 04/02/19 – ” Genesis Water Recycling Cleaner Features 65 Foot Vacuum Tube”

CONSTRUCTION IN FOCUS MAGAZINE AUG 2018 – “Innovation Since 1941 – Sewer Equipment”

PRESS RELEASE 04/03/18 – “Sewer Equipment Announces New Company President”

SAUK VALLEY MEDIA 11/09/17 – “More Jobs in the Pipeline for Dixon Company: Company Also Gives Across-the-Board Raises”

CONSTRUCTION IN FOCUS MAGAZINE JUNE 2017 – “Cleaning Up the Competition”

PRESS RELEASE 04/28/16 – “Sewer Equipment Announces New National Sales Manager”

PRESS RELEASE 04/14/16 – “Sewer Equipment Partners with Aarcomm on Trident Remote System

PRESS RELEASE 02/18/16 – “Sewer Equipment Introduces the Model 900 ECO Combo Truck

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