Our Manufacturing Facility

In order to keep up with growth and product demand, Sewer Equipment Company of America recently relocated all operations from Chadwick, Illinois to their new facility located in Dixon, Illinois in the first quarter of 2013. The new facility is equipped with over 122,000 square feet of space for assembly, welding, painting, parts, paved parking & indoor storage, and modern offices with spacious conference rooms to accommodate all of the companies three product lines; Sewer Equipment Co. of America, Ram-Vac Hydro-Excavators, and Mongoose Jetters.

Dan O’Brien (right) President of Sewer Equipment Company of America, Inc. and John Wichmann, Vice President of Operations

Mongoose Jetting Units

The new Dixon facility manufactures the wide range of Mongoose Jetters that include single and tandem axle trailer units, open truck mounted units, enclosed truck units and skid units.

State of the Art Offices

Thirty new office cubicles, seventeen private offices, and two large conference rooms provide a comfortable work atmosphere for management, sales, engineering and purchasing personnel. The modern office layout includes a climate controlled computer server room with all ethernet and telephone cables hidden under an elevated floor space.

Improved RamVac Production

Besides an increase of manufacturing space, the new Dixon facility was obtained with six overhead rail cranes. The rail cranes greatly reduce RamVac unit assembly times while providing increased safety for workers. Large pre-fabricated components can be easily and precisely fitted to truck chassis while reducing the potential for damage. RamVacs are assembled in a line station production method that allows for greater quality control.

Parts Department with Plenty of Room for Growth

Indoor Unit Testing Facility

An indoor, weather protected test facility allows for the complete testing of all units before shipment. High pressure water pumps are tested for maximum pressure and water flow outputs, while all discharged water is captured, filtered and stored for reuse. After testing is completed, units are prepared for delivery to customers.

High Production Paint Facilities

State of the art environmentally controlled spray paint booths with air filtrations systems allow for high quality metal finishes. A complete paint color mixing station allows for any custom color paint to be applied to any unit.

Area view of the new Sewer Equipment Company of America

Located at 1590 Dutch Road, Dixon, Illinois.