Mongoose Sewer Jetter Facts

Do you want the sewer jetter facts and just the facts? Are you looking for a more efficient and reliable way to clean out sewer lines or drains? If you have questions about sewer jetters, we have answers for you. Mongoose Jetters are a good fit for maintenance departments, municipalities, and plumbing companies. Whether your customers are commercial or residential, a Mongoose Jetter can take care of your drain clearing projects.

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Sewer Jetter 101

Model 123 Mongoose Jetter


So, what exactly is a sewer jetter? Basically, through the use of high-pressure water jets, it’s a drain-cleaning machine. The water is forced through a nozzle, clearing blockages and obstructions from drain pipes and sewer lines. The Mongoose Jetters can be used on commercial, industrial, residential, and municipal pipes and systems.

Not all jetters are made or operated the same. Mongoose Jetters are simple, reliable, efficient, and safe to use. There’s a reason Mongoose Jetters are used all over the country in a variety of applications and settings. From small businesses to big cities, you’ll find Mongoose Jetters being used everywhere. 

Mongoose Jetters come in a variety of sizes from a 12 GPM @ 3000 psi units to 40 GPM @ 2000 psi ones, with a variety in between. The units can be mounted on a trailer or in a van or small truck, with the bigger ones being completely truck-mounted. The Model 123 trailer has a 150-200 gallon tank, whereas the Model 402‘s tank can be anywhere from 300-600 gallons. All of the equipment is located for easy access without taking up any more room than is needed.


Basic Sewer Jetter Operation


Mongoose Jetters, Model 402, Jetter Truck


The details of how a sewer jetter is put together vary between models and manufacturers, but the basics are pretty much the same. The jetter consists of a pump, hose and reel, a motor or engine, a variety of nozzles, and a water tank or source. As stated above, Mongoose Jetter tanks can range from 150-600 gallon tanks, depending on the size of the unit. The pump is the workhorse of the system, as it will deliver a high-pressure jet of water through the nozzle to clean the pipes.

The water pressure can vary between 2000 and 4000 psi. The water pressure is controlled by the operator, making sure the pressure is high enough to clear obstructions without damaging the pipes or drains. The water jet removes and washes away any debris, opening the line once again.  The water can flow at a rate between 12 and 40 GPM, depending on the model of Mongoose Jetter that is being used. The bigger the pipe, the bigger and longer the hose will need to be to reach all the locations necessary to clean the lines.

In most instances, a pipe is cleaned starting at the lowest portion of the pipe and the force of the water pushes the hose to the higher end of the system. As the operator withdraws the hose, the water pressure and water flow clean the lines, removing any debris. Depending on the layout of the pipes and the number of obstructions, it may take several runs to clear the pipe, but in the end, the line will run freely.


Sewer Jetter Users


Model 123 trailer Mongoose jetter

What kind of people and organizations are in the market for Mongoose Sewer Jetters? The majority of our clients are municipal sewer departments, plumbers, or drain cleaning businesses. Our jetters are used in residential and commercial locations, along with city and state projects. In addition, companies that have a lot of properties may choose to purchase their own jetter instead of hiring someone else to do it.  

By owning your jetter- whether this is the 123 trailer or the 184 trailer-you can set your schedule and provide the service when it is convenient for everyone involved. Mongoose Jetters are reliable and easy-to-use, allowing you to spend time on the job, instead of repairing equipment or training operators. 


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