Model 900 ECO Combination Truck: Simplicity Comes Standard

The Model 900 ECO Combination Sewer Cleaner was created with three concepts in mind: safety, simplicity, and reliability. So, how did we construct a machine model with simplicity that is unequaled in the industry? We worked directly with operators to produce the best results with the least amount of complicated hardware. We put a lot of thought into the mechanisms that make a quality machine, including the water tank profile and construction, start up efficiency, operator interface, and chassis integration. Furthermore, it is the combination of these elements that make the Model 900 ECO truck one of the safest and easiest to use in the industry. Quality products is the foundation of Sewer Equipment Co. of America. Better yet, we strive to produce machines with the newest technologies to advance the effectiveness of sewer clean-up. Hence, the Model 900 ECO Combination Truck.

Model 900 Sewer Equipment Yellow and Black

It’s Simple

How does the Model 900 ECO Combination truck stand out from others? Unfortunately, many industry manufacturers make sewer equipment more complex than it needs to be with computers and CAN Bus integration. Inevitably, this effects both the operators and mechanics; operators are required to navigate difficult menus or start-up processes to perform basic tasks, while mechanics are rendered unable to maintain the machinery without specialized training and the proper diagnosis software. Overall, complex machines make operator training difficult, and repairs expensive and tedious.

However, the Model 900 ECO Combination trucks 12-volt architecture makes it easy to maintain and operate. Getting to work is as simple as parking the truck and turning on work mode. From there, you can engage the water pump, blower, and two-stage throttle all from either the hose reel or midship controls. To make things even easier, our exclusive “Hydro Drive” powertrain system eliminates the need for a transfer case. Therefore, the system takes all required power directly from the chassis engine; there is no need for an auxiliary engine. In fact, our truck remains in neutral while in work mode which increases operator peace of mind. Consequently, our operators are safer and our mechanics are not constantly troubleshooting computer issues. In fact, technicians can perform a diagnostic analysis with a simple test light and a hydraulic pressure gauge, with no computers or special programs required.

It’s Safe

How does this machine enhance the safety of our workers? As mentioned, the Hydro Drive powertrain removes the danger of having a transfer case slipping into gear during operation. This ensures the truck can’t accidentally start moving when the operators are outside working. Additionally, the Model 900 ECO also operates at 35% lower RPM than the competition, consuming considerably less fuel than traditional designs. Perhaps more importantly, lower RPM’s equate to less noise emission. How does this create a safe environment? Ultimately, less noise means less complaints from residents which allows operators to concentrate on the job at hand. Also, operators enjoy a higher level of safety because they can hear signs of traffic. With our Model 900 Combination truck, every aspect of the overall design was made to be safe as possible to operate.

Model 900 by Sewer Equipment Co. of America Hose Reel Closeup

It’s Reliable

Sewer Equipment Co. of America takes pride in their products, and starts by using the best material available. First, let us take the water tank profile. Our exclusive Duraprolene construction offers 100% immunity to corrosion and dents for unparalleled service life. As an additional bonus, it eliminates the need for draining during storage which saves time.

Secondly, we at Sewer Equipment understand that having quality materials can only go so far. The design of the Model 900 focuses on ensuring the machine is as durable as possible. The Hydro Drive system gives the 900 ECO a soft start and stop, a characteristic unique in the industry. With a built-in ramp rate, operators can turn the blower or water pump on without worry of damaging even if the engine is running full throttle. It’s usability features like this which proves the Model 900 ECO’s reliability and durability through superior engineering.

Whether exploring the simple start up, the simple operator interface, the telescoping boom with dig deep technology, the lack of CAN bus communications, or the simple 12-volt control architecture, this Model 900 ECO Combination truck is reliable on all accounts. The ease of operation, ease of maintenance, and the overall value of this model machine should make the choice easy. With a multitude of customization features, including wireless remote control functionality, the Model 900 can be tailored to your individual needs. For example, in addition to the 80 Cubic Feet of storage, the debris body is available in 6, 9, 12, and 15 yard configurations. Check out the video below which highlights more quality standards and simplified machine elements that makes this one of the industry’s most reliable machines in sewer equipment.