Innovation Since 1941

The magazine publication Construction In Focus recently covered the innovation, progress, and ideology of Sewer Equipment as a whole in their August 2018 edition. Focusing on simplicity and innovative solutions over all the complex bells and whistles the rest of the industry goes for, Sewer Equipment operates using outside-the-box thinking to solve complex problems and has been doing so for quite some time.


National Sales Manager Dave Madole is quoted, saying “Sewer Equipment has the broadest product range in our industry. This vast product range allows us to ask smart questions and, more importantly, listen to the challenges faced by a particular customer’s application. With the array of products we manufacture, we can provide the correct equipment solution.”


This statement isn’t made without assurance; with over 15 different models of trucks, trailers, and van packs that cover sewer line jetting to hydro excavation to combination sewer cleaning, there’s guaranteed to be a product that fits a customer’s needs, and each unit can be customized further to enhance the range of applications the machine can perform or increase effectiveness in specific applications.


John Wichmann, President of Sewer Equipment, stated that “It starts by developing products that improve a customer’s experience, rather than focusing on something a competitor cannot do. This focus is in our company’s DNA.”


“At Sewer Equipment, we are keenly aware of who we are, what we stand for, and how we arrived here.”

-Dave Madole, Sewer Equipment National Sales Manager


Sewer Equipment has a long history of innovation, which is highlighted in Construction in Focus’s article. From the construction of the first drain snake by H.T. O’Brien to the most recent development of Sewer Equipment’s patented Hydro Drive powertrain, Sewer Equipment continues to revolutionize the marketplace with simple solutions like the Hydro Drive.


Product Development Manager Stan Stuart explained that the “heart of the Hydro Drive offering is the pure simplicity and safety… most of the competition still uses a split-shaft PTO to drive one or more of the components required during operation. This requires the operator to place the truck in a forward drive gear while operating. The use of the Hydro Drive system eliminates this requirement, once again, by simply placing the truck in neutral and engaging the parking brake.”


The Model 900’s Hydro Drive is further proof of Sewer Equipment’s dedication to innovation. Check out more pictures of the Model 900 ECO here!

But Sewer Equipment isn’t finished. Madole finished by adding that Sewer Equipment plans to continue “maintaining our tradition of commitment to innovation through common-sense solutions in the interest of growth, success, and the continued satisfaction of customers.

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