Industry Exclusive Mini Combo Truck – Cost Effective and No CDL Required: Model 400 ECO by Sewer

With the demand for jet vac trucks growing every year, more manufacturers are mass-producing combo trucks with the mentality of “one size fits all”. Naturally, the issue with this mindset is that not all contractors and municipalities have the same needs. A nation-wide shortage of CDL drivers has made it difficult to retain licensed operators, specifically in smaller communities, as the price to employ is high and getting higher as demand grows. Also, many smaller municipalities simply cannot afford a conventional combo truck due to budget restraints, however, must budget for the outsourcing of vacuum services throughout the year.

In regards to larger municipalities, specifically in highly-populated urban areas, there are emergency situations when a full-size jet vac truck causes too much noise or is too large to assist in remote locations. The need for a truck with a smaller footprint, lower price point with no commercial licensing required, but providing the same great power is there, but there has been no solution, until the introduction of the Model 400 ECO by Sewer Equipment CO. of America.

Model 400 by Sewer-RIGHT SIZE, RIGHT FIT

The Model 400 ECO by Sewer is substantially smaller than a conventional combo truck. The reduced height makes the Model 400 ideal for entering 8-foot clearance structures, and are far more maneuverable in densely populated urban areas, especially in an emergency situation. Mounted on a 19,500 GVWR chassis, the Model 400 does not require a commercial driver’s license. And of course, because of its significantly smaller size, a CDL is not necessary. The lack of CDL requirement, gives contractors, as well as municipalities, flexibility when needing to switch operators and lowers the overall cost associated with employing a CDL operator.

The Model 400 ECO Mini Combination Sewer Cleaner from Sewer Equipment CO. of America comes standard with all-stainless-steel construction for long-lasting durability including its 4 cubic yard debris body, water capacities up to 600-gallon, stainless-steel hose reel with 500’ of ½” sewer hose and full water system enclosure. This machine offers a UDOR 18 GPM @ 4,000 PSI water pump and Hibon positive displacement blower at 28” Hg with 4” system. The Model 400 ECO combines the power of a standard combination truck with unprecedented maneuverability not available on the market today.

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