Hydro Excavation Trucks for Every Size

The RAMVAC HX-3 and HX-6 Hydro Excavation Trucks fill a spot that many companies have been looking to fill for years. These hydro excavation trucks allow more contractors and operators to have a quality RAMVAC in their inventory. Also referred to as “hydro digging machines”, these units are a valuable resource for many businesses.


RAMVAC HX-3 Hydro Excavation Truck

Mid-Sized Hydro Excavation Truck HX-3

The smallest entry in the RAMVAC Hydro Excavation Truck family, the HX-3 holds its own when it comes to performance and features.


If you are looking for a smaller unit for your fleet, but still need reliability and performance, the HX-3 delivers. The boom has a 320° working radius with a reach of up to 16 feet. The 6-inch vacuum system features a 3000CFM and 8-inch blower capacity, in addition to cyclone separation, directional discharge, hydrostatic blower drives, vacuum enhancer, and a 10-micron final filter. That’s more than enough to get the job done thoroughly!


You can choose between a water- or air-powered excavation system. The air system option allows you to add a 185CFM @ 150PSI air compressor to the HX-3 unit.


As for the water system of the HX-3, it comes equipped with a 325-gallon water capacity, a 10GPM @ 2500PSI pump, and a 400,000BTU water heater all enclosed in an 80,000BTU heated unit, providing you with the water you need without needing an auxiliary trailer or source.


Additionally, this hydro excavation truck offers a compact footprint, allowing it to be used and stored in a wider variety of locations. The NEMA-rated electrical systems, debris blow-off systems, and fully hydraulic power trains provide the operator with reliability they can count on day after day.


RAMVAC HX-6 Hydro Excavation Truck

HX-6 RAMVAC Vacuum Excavator

Even though the truck is mid-size, it still offers increased capacity over the HX-3 and large productivity features like its big brothers. The HX-6 is the first mid-size hydro excavation truck in the industry, filling a niche that people have been asking for.  The HX-6 brings everything that you look for in a RAMVAC product: durability, reliability, and performance. 


The boom has a reach of 13-18 feet and has a working radius of 320°.  The HX-6 comes standard with a 6-inch vacuum system, featuring a 3000CFM and 8-inch blower capacity to get the job done quickly and effectively. The vacuum system features hydrostatic blower drives, cyclone separation, directional discharge, a vacuum enhancer, and a 10-micron final filter.


The HX-6 is set up to be a water excavator, but you can choose the optional air excavator system. The air system adds a 185CFM @ 150PSI air compressor to the hydro excavation truck.


The water system utilizes a 650-gallon tank, a 400,000BTU water heater, and a 10GPM @ 2500PSI pump inside an 80,000BTU heated enclosure.


The HX-6 features a compact footprint, NEMA-rated electrical systems, debris blow-off systems, and fully hydraulic trains, giving it the reliability, usability, and durability you expect from RAMVAC.


Quality Equipment and Service


Whether you choose the HX-3 or the HX-6 you know that you are getting the best equipment on the market backed by a parts and service network that is at your fingertips 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Contact us to learn more about our full line of hydro excavation trucks.