Utility Contractors and Trailer Jetters – The Perfect Pair

Duct Bank Cleaning

Every day, old outdated underground utilities are being replaced in order to simplify and consolidate for ease of access and maintenance. Duct banks have become a popular way to organize cables for commercial buildings with complex structures. Duct banks (also known as power bank ducts) are groups of underground cables that are encased in PVC for protection, but then the groups of conduits are further protected by concrete or metal for additional reinforcement. However, as with most underground utilities, these power ducts must be checked, maintained and if the conduit is deteriorating or broken, also repaired. Common practice for maintaining these ducts includes the use of a rodder to force a fiberglass rod through the conduit and then using the rod to feed the new wiring.

The problem: Pulling new cables through old conduits can be time consuming, destructive to the existing utilities and physically straining, as operators may have to contend with conduit fragments, roots, mud and other debris.  

The solution: Utilizing a low-PSI sewer jetter to clean and flush any debris from the duct bank prior to rodding, provides the operator with a clean conduit line requiring much less time, energy and effort to install new cable. Additionally, this method of cleaning makes it easier to find broken or damaged conduit, aiding operators in routine maintenance and repair.

Sewer Jetter Utility Contracting

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