Eagles Club – Frank Zahn Jr.

This month’s Eagles club top performer is Frank Zahn! At Sewer Equipment, we strive to build a work culture based on a dedication to high quality. In order to provide our customers with the highest quality equipment in the industry, we employ a team of people who display characteristics such as ownership, decisiveness, adaptability, integrity, resiliency, urgency and the ability to be collaborative.

Celebrating the success and hard work of our employees is an important part of our culture at Sewer Equipment. Every quarter we recognize and reward one team member, nominated by their peers, for an act that was beyond the call of duty and invite them to join the Sewer Equipment Eagles Club.

Impact on Sewer Equipment

image of frank zahn

This quarter, Sewer Equipment is excited to announce the newest member of the Eagles Club: Frank Zahn. Frank has worked for Sewer Equipment for over 5 and a half years on the chassis mod line, supporting our Model 900 ECO combination sewer cleaner, Ramvac HX trucks and GENESIS Water Recycler. In his current position as Chassis Mod Lead, he is responsible for supervising fellow employees to ensure productivity and build quality. Fank was nominated by a fellow employee for taking complete ownership of the Chassis Mod Bay in our production facility. From the time Frank was assigned as the team leader, he did additional cleaning and organizing of the work area as well as facilitated the addition of new procedures to help the Chassis Mod Bay increase work efficiency and productivity.

Frank enjoys his work at Sewer Equipment, as he takes pride in his work. He told us his belief is “the better the company does, the better I will do”, which has driven Frank’s motivation to ensure top-tier quality production from our chassis mod assembly. Frank is passionate about accepting the challenges presented to him daily, and is motivated from being trusted to find resolutions to each problem at hand, with no “one-size-fits-all” solutions being satisfactory for Frank.

Congratulations to Frank Zahn Jr. on his membership into the Sewer Equipment: Eagles Club!