Sewer Jetter Custom Features & Options

Hot Water Boiler Systems for Mongoose Jetters

Mongoose Jetters can be ordered with an additional hot water boiler with a rated 400,000 BTU output to enhance jetting capabilities. In certain applications, warm or hot water can increase the cleaning effectiveness of high pressure jetting in cold weather operations, especially when cleaning grease from pipes or clearing ice-clogged pipes. The hot water boiler can be added to all units, both open and enclosed trucks, and all trailers including the model 123 trailer and the model 184 trailer.

Trident Wireless Remote Control System for Mongoose Jetters

Trident remote jetter options
Pictured: Trident Wireless Remote System by Aarcomm

The Trident remote is a full-function wireless remote control system that will increase the productivity and efficiency of your Mongoose Jetter. The operator working inside of a building or basement has the controls at his/her fingertips to control the jetting unit without the need for two-way radio communication with another operator outside at the unit’s control panel. While the remote allows for true one-man operation, safety is a priority, which is why we recommend having a second operator posted at the unit, to prevent other people from tampering with the unattended unit, a situation that could lead to accidental injury.

The functions of the wireless remote include Water On/Off, Throttle Up/Down, Hose Reel Pay In/Pay Out and Emergency Engine Stop. The remote has a built-in communication safety link, so should the handheld lose contact with the jetting unit’s transmitter, the engine on the unit will automatically shut down. Field tests have shown the Trident remote to be reliable up to 3,500 feet while operating through physical barriers. This unit offers a water-proof, rugged enclosure, 125-hour battery life, wireless charging technology and the ability to pair multiple devices together. The Trident wireless remote is YOUR option.