COVID CRUSHER Model 900 ECO Combo Truck

Model 900 ECO with Vanguard Protection

Our combination sewer cleaner, the Model 900 ECO, is now available with Vanguard Systems Pathogen Protection. As COVID-19 took the country by storm, our 900 ECO with Vanguard Protection – The COVID Crusher – is taking the streets by storm. However, unlike the actual virus, its purpose is to help keep workers safe during these unprecedented times. Currently, we are demonstrating this machine across the nation to show off not just the power and simplicity of the Model 900, but the capabilities of the Model 900.

So, what exactly gave this Model 900 ECEO the name ‘COVID Crusher’? To put it simply, the COVID Crusher includes the Vanguard Systems Pathogen Protection on our trusted Model 900, which helps to keep your waste water workers healthy. Vanguard Systems cares about protecting, “your greatest asset: your people”. Everyday, waste water workers are exposed to bacteria, viruses and parasites, and the industry knows this. To decrease the risk of exposure, “the Vanguard System removes up to 98% of bacteria and viruses found on the jet hose”. In other words, sanitation comes first. In fact, the specialized Sani-Solution™ especially created by Vanguard Systems includes anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral agents for ultimate protection.

Vanguard Systems

The COVID Crusher is first Sewer Equipment Truck to feature the Vanguard System, but the system can also be put on our Model 800 Box Truck Jetter.

Sewer Equipment partnered with Vanguard Systems with sanitation and operator ease in mind. For instance, the system includes an adjustable flow command box for quality assurance and solution usage control. Next, we designed this COVID Crusher model to house a unique collar on the hose reel that attaches to and sanitizes the hose. The collar is attached to the hose before retrieving the hose from the manhole. The Vanguard Systems collar sprays the hose with disinfectant solution, completely coating and sanitizing the hose during retrieval. This protects and helps operators feel more comfortable between usage.

Additionally, we include a secondary spray down system for easy external sanitation. This hose and reel configuration reaches up to 50 feet to guarantee that all areas of this system are reachable and sanitized appropriately. Furthermore, this insures the sanitation hose covers all truck touch points including tool boxes, safety handles and more. Furthermore, the Vanguard system can disinfect gloves, work boots, tools and other PPE between job sites. To simplify the job further, this system includes easy tool and hose storage as well. Essentially, this system is made to sanitize the streets and roadways AND also keep its operators safe.

Lastly is the benefits of public sanitation capabilities. The Vanguard System can spray down open areas like public seating, hand rails, outdoor restrooms and more. This lets operators help keep their communities safe in these uncertain times.

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We at Sewer Equipment understand the complexities and hazards waste water workers face each day. Furthermore, we strive to create equipment with options that benefit operators and their communities. The COVID Crusher Model 900 ECO is ready to roll and disinfect as it goes! Not interested in a combo machine, but want the Vanguard system on a different piece of equipment? That’s not a problem, as we offer the Vanguard Systems as an upgrade on our Model 800 ECO truck jet as well.

If you would like to schedule a demo or learn more about this system, please contact us at 1-800-323-1604. Check out the video below that details this unique Sewer Equipment truck and the benefits of the Vanguard Systems Pathogen Protection.