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Mid-Sized Hydro Excavation Truck HX-6

Hydro Excavation Trucks for Every Size

The RAMVAC HX-3 and HX-6 Hydro Excavation Trucks fill a spot that many companies have been looking to fill for years. These hydro excavation trucks allow more contractors and operators to have a quality RAMVAC in their inventory. Also referred to as “hydro digging machines”, these units are a valuable resource for many businesses.   Read More

Hydro Excavation Application 2

Hydro Excavation vs. Air Excavation

Only a fool would make a claim that, in a side by side single hole dig comparison, air excavation would be faster than hydro excavation. Water will always cut faster and help dig faster. However, if we step back a moment and examine all the time factors involved with a given project, we can begin to understand that there are definitely times when digging with air might be a better or faster alternative. Let us take a look at a few of the factors that might determine when it would be best to use air or water for an excavation project.