C.P. Systems Boasts Custom RAMVAC Vacuum Excavator Fleet

Originally Published by Mike Kezdi
You can read the complete article here at Trenchless Technology.

When Pat Mountain started C.P. Systems in 1982, he was one of the early cathodic protection companies in Canada, so it is no surprise he was also one of the first to embrace the safe digging benefits of vacuum excavation.


The company’s early projects were on underground fuel tanks and piping and progressed to cathodic protection and corrosion control of water infrastructure in 1985. In those early years, all the locating and unearthing of the underground infrastructure was done mechanically with a 12-in. diameter auger.

In fact, “We would auger down to the watermain to expose it. We continued that, and we did have some contacts and hits on other utilities over the years. In 1997 and 1998 we were extremely busy, and the utilities could not keep up with our requests for locates,” says Pat Mountain. “That really motivated us to try a vacuum excavation truck. We bought a used vac truck made for the Alberta oil patch. Mind you it was slower than mechanical excavation, but it was safe, and we could continue to work. It went from there and worked out so well that within a few years we completely stopped our mechanical excavation, and everything was done with vacuum trucks.”

Furthermore, the transition to strictly vacuum excavation of underground piping was in 2001. In the interim, C.P. Systems tried trucks from several manufacturers – always buying used equipment. In 2012, the company made the decision to start buying new trucks. Today, C.P. Systems operates a fleet of 10 RAMVAC hydrovac trucks. Most of the work is for its cathodic protection and valve retrofit projects, but the company also offers full vacuum excavation services across Canada….

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