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Municipal Contracting: Dedicated Hydro Excavator Usage is on the Rise

When many people think of traditional hydro excavating, the industries that come to mind are typically oil, gas and utility. However, dedicated hydro excavation services are on the rise within the municipal contracting market. It goes without saying that a dedicated hydro excavator does hydro excavating more efficiently and more safely than a traditional combo Read More

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Keeping Employees Safe Due To Covid

Sewer Equipment, an industry leader in the sewer cleaning and vacuum equipment manufacturing market for over 75 years, remains open for business during the COVID-19 pandemic. While remaining open, this equipment company provides jobs to over 200 people in the local community of Dixon, IL. In light of COVID, the company’s daily operating procedures and Read More

Meet Rock Equipment

Maintaining our nation’s underground infrastructure is so important to future generations, which is why the demand for sewer cleaning and vacuum excavation services continues to rise. Key competitive advantages for most contractors is the quality of the work performed and the price of services, which is tied into the efficiency and effectiveness of the equipment Read More

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Utility Locating: Vacuum Excavation vs. Ground Penetrating Radar and Electromagnetic Location

When trying to locate underground utilities, you have options. The three main ways of locating underground utilities include Ground Penetrating Radar, Electromagnetic Locating and vacuum excavation. However, when it comes to accuracy, some are better than others. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) What is it? This technology uses radar pulses to detect, identify, and map utilities. Read More

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Sewer Equipment Announces New Dealer in Kansas, Missouri, and Southern Illinois – Armor Equipment

DIXON, Illinois – Sewer Equipment has been an industry leader in the sewer cleaning and vacuum equipment manufacturing. Sewer Equipment has been the leading competitor in the sewer cleaning market for over 75 years. Now, they are proud to announce its partnership with Armor Equipment, its new dealer for Kansas, Missouri, and Southern Illinois. Throughout Read More

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C.P. Systems Boasts Custom RAMVAC Vacuum Excavator Fleet

C.P. Systems, founded by Pat Mountain in 1982, started off as one of the earliest Canadian cathodic protection companies. So it’s of little shock that in 2001, C.P. Systems switched exclusively to vacuum excavation over 12 inch diameter augers, which was their original solution to locate and unearth underground piping and fuel tanks.

Habitat for Humanity Donation 2020

Sewer Equipment Makes Donation to Habitat for Humanity During Times of Economic Uncertainty

Sewer Equipment, a local manufacturer of sewer cleaning and vacuum excavation equipment, presented a $5,000 donation to Dixon’s local Habitat for Humanity organization.

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The Jetters You Need Now with the Service You Demand Later

Maintaining our nation’s underground infrastructure is of key importance not just in these uncertain times, but for the health and safety of future generations. This ever-present need for continuous repair and maintenance of utilities is why the demand for sewer jetting services continues to rise. More recently, multi-purpose tractors and jetter units have been utilized Read More

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Eagles Club – Jamie Avila

Jamie Avila is our Eagles Club choice for this month! At Sewer Equipment, we strive to build a work culture based on a dedication to high quality. In order to provide our customers with the highest quality equipment in the industry, we employ a team of people who display characteristics such as ownership, decisiveness, adaptability, Read More

Sewer Equipment Announces New Dealer in Virginia– MSC Equipment Inc.

06/01/2020 DIXON, Illinois – Sewer Equipment, a leading manufacturer in the sewer cleaning and vacuum excavation equipment industry for over 75 years, is proud to announce its partnership with MSC Equipment Inc., its new dealer for the state of Virginia. Throughout its history, Sewer Equipment has been known for progressive, end-user focused product innovation. This Read More