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Sewer Equipment, formerly Sewer Equipment Co. of America, is the corporate home of RAMVAC Vacuum Excavators, Mongoose Jetters, Sewer Equipment Co. of America and Cappellotto by Sewer Equipment. With over 75 years of experience, Sewer Equipment brands represent the industry’s highest quality sewer cleaning and vacuum excavation equipment. We serve the contractor and municipal markets all over the world.

Sewer Equipment Co. of America equipment lines includes high pressure, high volume truck and trailer-mounted sewer jetters, combination sewer cleaners, rodders, bucket machines and finally, easement machines. We have every piece of sewer cleaning equipment you will require, regardless of your specific application.

The RAMVAC brand offers a wide variety of truck and trailer-mounted hydro and air excavators with available tank sizes from 3-15 yards. Each model includes many additional features and options, for both wet and dry digging applications. RAMVAC also offers a line of trailer-mounted catch basin cleaners and hydro excavators.

The Mongoose Jetters line of equipment was purposefully built for the contractor market. Additionally, these high-pressure trailer-mounted jetters and truck-mounted jetters come standard with 23-40 gpm @ 2000-4000 psi. With a wide variety of standard and optional equipment features, Mongoose Jetters is proud to offer a serious machine for serious business.

Sewer Equipment brands also offer used and rental equipment. So depending on the needs of your business, we have the machine that is right for you. Here at Sewer Equipment, that’s what we’re all about: Best Products, Best Local Support.

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