Model 800-HPR ECO



The Sewer Equipment Company of America's most popular in this series is the 800HPR-ECO, which incorporates a host of unique design features, making it the most productive, environmentally-freindly, and safest truck mounted jetter available, The exclusive ECO operating system combines the simplicity and efficiency of a PTO hydrostatic pump drive with a power plant that operates at 33% less RPM than traditional designs. Trucks equipped with ECO options experience less engine wear and lower fuel consumption, saving operators time and money. The lower noise emissions produced by these units equate to heightened safety and a more pleasant work environment, as operators can more easily communicate with each other, as well as hear traffic around them.

Length: 22'6"
Width: 8'4"
Height: 11'1"
Max Water Capacity: 1500 Gallon
Axle Configuration: Single or Tandem Axle
Max Hose Capacity: 1000'
Hose Size: 1/2" - 1"
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