Model 747-TK



Regardless of your requirement, a 747 can be built to meet it. If a truck is more suited to your application, the 747 is offered to mount on your chassis or a factory provided unit with up to 3,000 gallons of water capacity. When truck mounted, power can be delivered by an auxiliary engine or via PTO hydrostatic drive from the chassis’ power plant.

Length: 26'2"
Width: 8'4"
Height: 8'6"
Max Water Capacity: 700 Gallon
Axle Configurations: Single or Tandem Axle
Max Hose Capacity: 1000'
Hose Size: 1/2" - 1"
Truck Jets
Model 747-TK TV
Trailer Jets
Model 747-FR2000
Trailer Jet
Model 747-FR2000 TV
Trailer Jet
Model 545