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Truck Jets

Sewer Equipment Co. of America produces several varieties of truck jets. The top of the line Model 800-HPRTV Truck Jet is equipped with the innovative and unique Umbilical Cord* - this single construction cord houses both high pressure sewer hose and video communications cable. This unit also comes with Dual Patented Telescoping, Rotating, and Pivoting hose reels. When in operation, the rear roll-up door opens and the

hose reels "Telescope" out of the heated rear compartment - and are now able to "Rotate/Pivot" 190 degrees for maximum access to difficult to reach manholes. No need for camera capabilities? The Model 800-HPR ECO provides the same simplicity and reliability! To learn more about all the truck jet models available, select from the truck images below.

Trailer Jets

Generations of experience have resulted in the development of the most simple, most reliable water jetting equipment available on the market today. Experience has proven the importance of choosing the proper trailer jet for your particular safety and performance needs and Sewer Equipment CO. of America has one to fit any application.

Sewer Equipment CO. of America is proud to offer a wide variety of trailer jet equipment all based on the industry leading Model 747-FR2000 ECO design. To learn more about our individual models, select from one of the images below.

Combination Sewer Cleaner

Sewer Equipment Co. of America brings to you the Model 900 ECO Combination Sewer Cleaner, utilizing proven technologies to deliver a machine with simplicity that is unequaled in the industry.

As with our leading Model 747 ECO trailer jet and Model 800-HPR ECO truck jet, the Model 900 ECO's operating platform offers the best in class fuel efficiency and noise reduction for operator safety. Sewer Equipment: Best Products, Best Local Support.

Easement Machines

Are certain sewer pipes in your community neglected due to hard to reach manholes? Do your maintenance crews have to manually drag hose across easements or do they cause damage to yards, golf courses or environmentally sensitive areas when trying to get their trucks close enough to service these remote lines? If this is the case, a Sewer Equipment Co. of America easement machine would be an invaluable asset to your fleet.

Easement machines are offered in two unique configurations to meet your needs. The JAJ-600WH offers extendable tracks, while the JAJ-600SK is skid mounted to fit on your existing loading equipment. These units with extend the reach of your sewer jetting truck or trailer by 500 feet or more and reduce sewer overflows by easing maintenance tasks.


Sewer Equipment Company of America rodders offer a fantastic sewer cleaning alternative to those communities looking to conserve water, fuel and budgetary resources.

This machine allows you the ability to cut roots all day without using a drop of water and only a small fraction of the fuel that would be consumed by traditional jetting unit.

Bucket Machines

Bucket machines are a preferred method of cleaning for larger lines that are heavily laden with sediment or in areas where . No water is required for the operation of this machine and only solids are hauled by the bucket.

Due to the fact that the bucket disregards all liquids, larger lines are cleaned more quickly and effectively than with a traditional combination truck. Bucket Machines are also an excellent clean up tool in the event of a petroleum or chemical spill, as no water is added and saves on disposal costs.

Hydro Excavators

Mongoose Jetters

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